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Döner Nozul - Rotary Nozzles R 13-18
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Pop-Up Nozul
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Rain Bird® Rotary Nozzles
0.60 in/hr precipitation rate from 13 to 24 feet

Rotary Nozzles provide unsurpassed design flexibility and highly efficient water distribution from 13 to 24 feet. The newest addition to Rain Bird's line of water-efficient products, Rotary Nozzles help reduce water waste and make it easier to design systems. The Rotary Nozzle is a truly remarkable innovation with a low precipitation rate, highly uniform distribution, and increased radius range, all in a nozzle which fits on a Rain Bird spray head.

  • Fewer zones, faster installs – system complexity and cost are reduced because more heads can be installed per zone. Rotary Nozzles can also be zoned with Rain Bird 5000/5000 Plus MPR Rotor Nozzles.
  • Efficient water distribution – multiple rotating streams deliver close-in watering and even coverage throughout the radius range. The low precipitation rate significantly reduces wasteful run-off and erosion
  • Ultimate retrofit solution – low flow rate and an expanded radius of throw solve existing spray zone inefficiencies caused by diminished pressure or stretched spacing.

Color Coded Radius Adjustment Plugs for Easier Identification

Rain Bird Rotary Nozzles offer color-coded top plugs to help you quickly identify the arc/pattern.

Rotary Nozzle Features

  • Low precipitation rate – 0.60 in/hr (15,2 mm/hr) – reduces run-off and erosion.
  • Multiple, rotating streams uniformly distribute water throughout the radius range.
  • Matched precipitation rate across radii and pattern simplify the design process.
  • Matched precipitation rate with Rain Bird 5000/5000 Plus MPR Rotor Nozzles allow MPR irrigation designs from 13' to 35'.
  • With approximately 60% less flow than conventional spray nozzles, Rotary Nozzles allow more heads per zone, reducing overall system complexity and cost.
  • Maintains highly efficient performance throughout the 20-55 psi pressure range, with no misting or fogging at high pressures.
  • Stainless steel radius reduction screw allows reduction down to 13' on the R13-18 and to 17' on the R17-24 to accommodate varying landscape needs.
  • Designed for use on Rain Bird spray heads.
  • Three-year trade warranty.

Operating Range

  • Pressure range: 20-55 psi (1,4 to 3,8 bars)
  • Spacing: 13' to 24' (4,0 m to 7,3 m)


  • R13-18Q: 13' to 18' (4,0 m to 5,5 m)
    quarter-circle pattern nozzle
  • R13-18T: 13' to 18' (4,0 m to 5,5 m)
    third-circle pattern nozzle
  • R13-18H: 13' to 18' (4,0 m to 5,5 m)
    half-circle pattern nozzle
  • R13-18TT: 13' to 18' (4,0 m to 5,5 m)
    two-thirds-circle pattern nozzle
  • R13-18TQ: 13' to 18' (4,0 m to 5,5 m)
    three-quarter-circle pattern nozzle
  • R13-18F: 13' to 18' (4,0 m to 5,5 m)
    full-circle pattern nozzle
  • R17-24Q: 17' to 24' (5,2 m to 7,3 m)
    quarter-circle pattern nozzle
  • R17-24H: 17' to 24' (5,2 m to 7,3 m)
    half-circle pattern nozzle
  • R17-24F: 17' to 24' (5,2 m to 7,3 m)
    full-circle pattern nozzle
  • R17-24T: 17' to 24' (5,2 m to 7,3 m)
    third-circle pattern nozzle
  • R17-24TT: 17' to 24' (5,2 m to 7,3 m)
    two-thirds-circle pattern nozzle
  • R17-24TQ: 17' to 24' (5,2 m to 7,3 m)
    three-quarter-circle pattern nozzle


The Rotary Nozzle shall have a fixed arc of ____degrees (____circle) and shall be capable of covering a _____feet radius (FT.RAD.)/(meter) at ____pounds per square inch (psi)/(bars) with a discharge rate of _____gallons per minute, (GPM)/(m3/h,l/s). The angle of the trajectory shall vary from 1 to 30 degrees.

The Rotary Nozzle shall have multiple arced streams and have a matched precipitation rate of 0.60 in/hr.

The Rotary Nozzle shall be constructed of UV-resistant plastic. The radius adjustment screw shall be of stainless steel.

The Rotary Nozzles shall include a removable .02 x .02 mesh screen to protect the nozzle against clogging.

The Rotary Nozzle shall have a precipitation rate matched with Rain Bird 5000/5000 Plus MPR Rotor Nozzles.

The Rotary Nozzle shall be manufactured by Rain Bird Corp., Azusa, California.



Rain Bird Rotary Nozzles
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Rotary Nozzle
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Rain Bird Rotary Nozzles
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Rain Bird Rotary Nozzles


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